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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

FYJC Online Admission Procedure (Pune)

FYJC Online Admission Procedure (Pune)

     The admission procedure for std, 11th and 12th has became online in these recent days. Because of this change many people are facing problems on how to take admission in Junior college, As to counter this problem we, Hyonkows have hereby presented a video tutorial. The audio is is in Hindi Language and captions/subtitles are in English.

After having a view to the video you'll get a basic idea on how and what the actual procedure is..

Many times its a question from where do we get the login ID and password or how do we apply for the online admission procedure, the video explains these steps within 2 minutes.

Actually the government has made this procedure more easy and comfortable, unlike old times you don't need to stand in long ques spend money buying forms from different colleges. Its just one form and you get admitted in the next stage for your academics.

The basic steps are

1) Get the Application Manual: You'll get that from the school/institute from which you qualified your SSC

2) Log on and fill the form:  Once you have the ID and password application is not a big deal. Just log on the the website mentioned in the video and follow the instructions. Please remember to mention the caste (OBC/SC/NT/ST) to avail quota facilities. Also different minority quota provisions are available in various colleges for Gujarati and other  minorities, so be sure while filling these fields.

3) Selection of Colleges : After filling the application form with your details and marks, now the next step is to select the college. The application manual that you get is details of many colleges. All you need to do is fill the college code in the option form. Please be cautious while filling.

4) Pay the fees and finalize the admission: After filling the form now just be patient and wait for the allotment list to be displayed. Here you'll be allotted a college based on your marks and quota.

We're extremely sorry that we couldn't provide the steps 3 and 4 in the video.
Hope you get the admission process correct and please subscribe our channel for more details.

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 Jazak Allah Khair

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