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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Lathe Machine | Autocad Drawing

To download the autocad drawing Click Here

The drawing is in Autocad 2012 format.

       Autocad is must for engineers and there's no engineer who hasn't seen a Lathe Machine.
The Lathe Machine is the oldest and most versatile machine tool used since ages in the manufacturing and processing industry. It is many times referred to as Mother of all machines. Its an extremely important machine tool in the industry, though there are automated method used for manufacturing processes yet one cannot deny the fact that Lathe Machine still remains efficient and useful in its own way. A number of processes can be carried out on the Lathe Machine like turning, parting, knurling, boring, etc..  The machine is available in different designs based on different applications and requirement of the material.

        Now leaving the Lathe Machine aside and now focusing on Autocad, basically we can say that they days of pen and pencil are over, it's the electronic age! Now there are only a few people who draft by manual means investing a lot of labour. Today the means have changed computerised drawings are preffered more than manual drawings for many reasons. Some of them are accuracy, ease of drafting, clean and good appearance, easy to edit and modify, etc.. Such features make it the need of hour for one to learn Autocad. For the same purpose we've uploaded an Autocad Drawing of Lathe Machine. Lathe Machine being a complex structure provides a great experience of CAD.

To download the autocad drawing Click Here

The drawing is in Autocad 2012 format.

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