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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Android as a Walkie Talky | Wifi and Bluetooth

      In our previous post  Bluetooth Talkie  we'd mentioned how an android device could be used as a Walkie Talky for a short range. Now taking the same concept to level 2 wherein Wifi can be used.
There are a lot of android Apps that serve the same purpose but based on my experience I'd really like to recommend  Android Intercom  . The app provides a PTT (Push To Talk) interface that allows you to connect through wifi or portable hot-spot, a number of devices can be connected and Could be used simultaneously.

My Experience
       As being an engineering student there are many projects in different subjects one of such was the contour Layout Project where we had to measure the RLs (reduced levels)  of a landform using a 20" Theodolite. There were about 120 readings to be taken at different angles and with horizontal distances varying between 2 to 30 meter. At such times the coordinating teammates becomes a difficult task as the distance increases. You need to shout so that the person standing with the level staff receives your instructions but lucky we had the app Bluetooth Talkie and we used it a lot and our project was completed with ease. The minor adjustment in the position of the level staff were so easily coordinated with very less effort like no shouting and all just soft voice as if the person's standing next to you.

Benefits of Android Intercom
  •  Multiple Connectivity 
     Many devices can be connected at a same time
  • Duplex network 
   Unlike the bluetooth Talkie you can speak as if you're using a normal telephone though its a bit slow in transmission
  •  Range
    Being based on wifi the devices that are connected display the strength of signal unlike the bluetooth Talkie where you are disconnected without any information.

    This app though has many features but it drains your battery at a faster rate when connected using wifi.

Where can it be Used?
1) Construction Sites where range of work is not more than 30 meter
2) Backstage Co-ordination : To coordinate between the events
3) By students : During Survey Project it becomes extremely essential else you'll surely need to shout.
        ..... And many more applications

Jazak Allahu Khayran

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