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Tuesday, 15 December 2015


            Programmable Logic devices such as Calculators ,CPU motherboards,counters        and many more other complex programmable logic devices are programmed using        in-system programming(ISP).
  • Realization of such large logic devices using connection wires can be very hectic job as they have more than 200 number of pins while each pin being very fragile and can bend easily.

  • It manually impossible to create such large devices and configure them hence COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN  (CAD) systems are employed for this purpose.After configuring the switches using CAD, the user has to prepare a programming unit which specifies the state of each programmable switch.
  • A computer which runs the CAD is connected to the programming unit.The programming file is transferred from computer into the CPLD through a cable
  • This cable is called as the J-TAG and is standardized by IEEE.
  • J-TAG stands for Joint Test Action Group


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