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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Finding the solution of Simultaneous Equations

There are a number of methods using which one can find the solution of simultaneous equations but, as in this blog I mostly emphasize the use of technology to ease the efforts. So with the same interest now I’ll be presenting how you can find the solution of simultaneous equations using a calculator and within a minute or two.
Here the calculator used is Casio fx-991MS
Follow the steps:
Step 1: Start the calculator by pressing the ON button.
Step 2: Press mode button thrice.
Step 3: Press 2 if the equation is having 2 variables else 3 if the equations is having 3 variables.
Step 4: Enter the values prompted by the calculator.
Step 5: Press =  button.
Hence you’ll get the required solution.
For a better explanation I’ve uploaded the video on Youtube. To view the video click here
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Jazak Allah Khair

Using the Andriod as a plum and level tube

   Many times it happens that you're at site for checking shuttering and you've for got the plum or the plum isn't in your immediate reach, it becomes very difficult to get back to collect the tools and restart the process. When you're 10' below ground level checking the shuttering of a footing and you realise that you don't have a plum. This could really change your mood and get you frustrated, the solution to this is your Andriod phone. Yes your Andriod phone can be used for such purposes. An android application named 'bubble' servers this very purpose. It uses your phone's proximity sensors and displays you the gradient between two points.
To check the plum hold your device on the stuttering and ask the mason to tilt the shuttering until the bubble coincides to the normal rest position.
Before using the app you should carry out calibration process and this app is just a substitute not a complete replacement to the actual plum as the readings on your device may change due to moisture, winds, etc.


Andriod As A Walkie Talkie

Dear Readers, As in my posts I’ve always been emphasized on the use of andriod devices. As one may notice that these devices have an all-round application like you can used it the way you want and for the task you want by just installing some applications.
Now coming to the topic ‘Andriod as a Walkie Talkie’
By searching over the play store you’ll find dozens of softwares that serve that purpose. I tried many and found some of them useful and some of them to be useless. There are basically two classes of such softwares depending on the mode of transfer they use that is Bluetooth or wifi. I preffered the Bluetooth as it consumes less battery and works more efficiently than the wifi version.
So just download the free app named Bluetooth Talkie and then you can create a connection between two mobiles and use them as walkie talkie without paying any charges to your telephone operator.
Please note that this works only for a limited range that is the range provided by the Bluetooth.
Regardless to its limited range it can be used for a number of applications like during a slab casting or electrical checking within the Bluetooth range…
Please note that for the above mentioned task I used Samsung Galaxy S Dous 2 S7582 so depending upon the device the results may be different for different devices..

Hope my posts benefit you,
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Jazak Allah Khair


Your Andriod Can Be a Measuring Tape

Dear Readers,
    In this post I shall be emphasising on the use and advantages of andriod od technology in instrumentation.
Yes the anderiod phone you carry everyday can even help you at site to take tentative measurements.
There are many such andriod apps available on the Google play store which serve the same purpose. One of them which I use is the 'GPS tape measure' it is a very good app and the interface is also easy all it requires is a GPS network.
Install it in your phone and you can use your phone to take measurements.
After you install the app and launching it it'll ask you to enable GPS after which it it'll show your current direction. To start the measurements hold your device near the start point and then press save location.
After you press save location the location will be saved then move your device to the other locations and you can see the distance traversed. The result are not accurate but one can get a tentative idea of dimensions.

Planning A farm house or A recreation zone? Don’t Forget to Have a Gazebo

            Dear Readers, this post is regarding a structure which is not common to all.
Firstly I would like to tell you what a Gazebo is and how it can boast the beauty and recreational activities. A gazebo is a open type of a structure which is open on all the four sides. It usually has walls upto 3’ ht from the ground level. The plinth of this structure is usually kept 1’ above from ground level to give it a platform type effect. If gardening and landscaping is done around it then it’s like a cherry on the cake. It adds beauty to the structure. As the structure is open air can pass freely and one can rejoice the cool breeze. This structure can platform to many of the recreational activities like music, games, etc. it can also serve as venue for barbeque servings and roasting corn during the rains. The gazebo is open from all sides and the roof is covered it can be kept transparent or opaque depending upon your preference. If it is transparent then sunlight can easily penetrate giving a great effect if its kept opaque then also it gives a great shady effect mostly now a days mangalore tiles for roofs is very famous and it also looks good and at the same type it absorbs the heat and keep the below part cool even in sunny atmosphere.

Here in this post I’m sharing a snap of a Gazebo which was created at a village near Lavassa.
The gazebo in the image is having its plinth done in Khandki stone. This stone is having many artistic applications and is being used to make corners, steps, etc. UCR masonary. The skeleton or the Frame of this structure is made of wood and roofing is of Mangalore tiles. The Gazebo is built just next to a swimming pool and landscaping is done near it.

Have a view to  it….



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Monday, 1 February 2016

Similarity Between a City and Human body [Smart City PPT]

    Headlines and Talk of the century, one of the most prominent topic in discussion since the new Government has been elected 'Smart City'. There are tremendous efforts being made to develop cities with such concepts.
What is a smart city? What comes into our mind is an extremely futuristic locality with automated systems and impressive communication technologies. Truly technology is what is required for efficient and smart working of a City but what today's presenters have done is just added an Electronic ILLUSION of highly modern equipments and how more comfort makes you feel being in a Smart City.
WHAT actually is a smart city?
  We at Hyonkows believe that a smart city is one that is able to cater the requirements of its citizens and also the Ecosystem associated with it.
It should be a place where one can be at peace and Harmony. What we've observed is that a smart city concept is presented in such a way that we all tend towards the technical part and neglect the Social side of it. Just imagine a person migrating from a village to a city, what does he expects from the city? Is it comfort or sustainable livelihood? No matter how far and wide the progress of Human race may sound or appear but we can't deny the basic requirements of Human Race.
A city that is capable of providing sustainable living filling these basic requirements is a SMART CITY.
Being consequential to our concept of Analogy between the city and the Human body it can be expressed how a city in many ways resemble a human body.
Firstly we can say that the different cells of a human body are like the Citizens of a Country called human body. The blood vessels are like the Transport Infrastructure finally the blood is like the public transport system that transports the delivers the required materials to different parts of the body.
Getting back to the topic, it should be learned from the architecture of Human body how it manages it's energy requirement and maintenance.
There are a number of methods in which a city can suffice it's energy requirements.
The Major Factor:
   Funds, any project extending beyond the limits is is discarded from execution so its really a challenge before Architects, Engineers and Financial Pioneers to plan something 'Wonderful'
What is essentials of a Smart City?
    City with a Smart Citizen is  smart city, without responsible citizens its impossible to make a city. Just creating a futuristic infrastructure isn't sufficient, we need to develop the social infrastructure; bridge the economic gap and boast social awareness amongst the Citizens.
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