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Friday, 12 February 2016

Andriod As A Walkie Talkie

Dear Readers, As in my posts I’ve always been emphasized on the use of andriod devices. As one may notice that these devices have an all-round application like you can used it the way you want and for the task you want by just installing some applications.
Now coming to the topic ‘Andriod as a Walkie Talkie’
By searching over the play store you’ll find dozens of softwares that serve that purpose. I tried many and found some of them useful and some of them to be useless. There are basically two classes of such softwares depending on the mode of transfer they use that is Bluetooth or wifi. I preffered the Bluetooth as it consumes less battery and works more efficiently than the wifi version.
So just download the free app named Bluetooth Talkie and then you can create a connection between two mobiles and use them as walkie talkie without paying any charges to your telephone operator.
Please note that this works only for a limited range that is the range provided by the Bluetooth.
Regardless to its limited range it can be used for a number of applications like during a slab casting or electrical checking within the Bluetooth range…
Please note that for the above mentioned task I used Samsung Galaxy S Dous 2 S7582 so depending upon the device the results may be different for different devices..

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Jazak Allah Khair

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