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Friday, 12 February 2016

Finding the solution of Simultaneous Equations

There are a number of methods using which one can find the solution of simultaneous equations but, as in this blog I mostly emphasize the use of technology to ease the efforts. So with the same interest now I’ll be presenting how you can find the solution of simultaneous equations using a calculator and within a minute or two.
Here the calculator used is Casio fx-991MS
Follow the steps:
Step 1: Start the calculator by pressing the ON button.
Step 2: Press mode button thrice.
Step 3: Press 2 if the equation is having 2 variables else 3 if the equations is having 3 variables.
Step 4: Enter the values prompted by the calculator.
Step 5: Press =  button.
Hence you’ll get the required solution.
For a better explanation I’ve uploaded the video on Youtube. To view the video click here
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Jazak Allah Khair

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