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Friday, 12 February 2016

Planning A farm house or A recreation zone? Don’t Forget to Have a Gazebo

            Dear Readers, this post is regarding a structure which is not common to all.
Firstly I would like to tell you what a Gazebo is and how it can boast the beauty and recreational activities. A gazebo is a open type of a structure which is open on all the four sides. It usually has walls upto 3’ ht from the ground level. The plinth of this structure is usually kept 1’ above from ground level to give it a platform type effect. If gardening and landscaping is done around it then it’s like a cherry on the cake. It adds beauty to the structure. As the structure is open air can pass freely and one can rejoice the cool breeze. This structure can platform to many of the recreational activities like music, games, etc. it can also serve as venue for barbeque servings and roasting corn during the rains. The gazebo is open from all sides and the roof is covered it can be kept transparent or opaque depending upon your preference. If it is transparent then sunlight can easily penetrate giving a great effect if its kept opaque then also it gives a great shady effect mostly now a days mangalore tiles for roofs is very famous and it also looks good and at the same type it absorbs the heat and keep the below part cool even in sunny atmosphere.

Here in this post I’m sharing a snap of a Gazebo which was created at a village near Lavassa.
The gazebo in the image is having its plinth done in Khandki stone. This stone is having many artistic applications and is being used to make corners, steps, etc. UCR masonary. The skeleton or the Frame of this structure is made of wood and roofing is of Mangalore tiles. The Gazebo is built just next to a swimming pool and landscaping is done near it.

Have a view to  it….



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