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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Similarity Between a City and Human body [Smart City PPT]

    Headlines and Talk of the century, one of the most prominent topic in discussion since the new Government has been elected 'Smart City'. There are tremendous efforts being made to develop cities with such concepts.
What is a smart city? What comes into our mind is an extremely futuristic locality with automated systems and impressive communication technologies. Truly technology is what is required for efficient and smart working of a City but what today's presenters have done is just added an Electronic ILLUSION of highly modern equipments and how more comfort makes you feel being in a Smart City.
WHAT actually is a smart city?
  We at Hyonkows believe that a smart city is one that is able to cater the requirements of its citizens and also the Ecosystem associated with it.
It should be a place where one can be at peace and Harmony. What we've observed is that a smart city concept is presented in such a way that we all tend towards the technical part and neglect the Social side of it. Just imagine a person migrating from a village to a city, what does he expects from the city? Is it comfort or sustainable livelihood? No matter how far and wide the progress of Human race may sound or appear but we can't deny the basic requirements of Human Race.
A city that is capable of providing sustainable living filling these basic requirements is a SMART CITY.
Being consequential to our concept of Analogy between the city and the Human body it can be expressed how a city in many ways resemble a human body.
Firstly we can say that the different cells of a human body are like the Citizens of a Country called human body. The blood vessels are like the Transport Infrastructure finally the blood is like the public transport system that transports the delivers the required materials to different parts of the body.
Getting back to the topic, it should be learned from the architecture of Human body how it manages it's energy requirement and maintenance.
There are a number of methods in which a city can suffice it's energy requirements.
The Major Factor:
   Funds, any project extending beyond the limits is is discarded from execution so its really a challenge before Architects, Engineers and Financial Pioneers to plan something 'Wonderful'
What is essentials of a Smart City?
    City with a Smart Citizen is  smart city, without responsible citizens its impossible to make a city. Just creating a futuristic infrastructure isn't sufficient, we need to develop the social infrastructure; bridge the economic gap and boast social awareness amongst the Citizens.
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  1. Shadaab really a creative idea of planning a smart-city's concept by taking concept of human body working. Also if it is plan well it can be very much profitable for country like india.We should also take into consideration of smart village as well.

    1. Thank You very much for your comment...

      We shall try to inculcate your concepts in our next post..
      Till then we recommend you to follow our blog so that you don't miss a single post!