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Friday, 12 February 2016

Using the Andriod as a plum and level tube

   Many times it happens that you're at site for checking shuttering and you've for got the plum or the plum isn't in your immediate reach, it becomes very difficult to get back to collect the tools and restart the process. When you're 10' below ground level checking the shuttering of a footing and you realise that you don't have a plum. This could really change your mood and get you frustrated, the solution to this is your Andriod phone. Yes your Andriod phone can be used for such purposes. An android application named 'bubble' servers this very purpose. It uses your phone's proximity sensors and displays you the gradient between two points.
To check the plum hold your device on the stuttering and ask the mason to tilt the shuttering until the bubble coincides to the normal rest position.
Before using the app you should carry out calibration process and this app is just a substitute not a complete replacement to the actual plum as the readings on your device may change due to moisture, winds, etc.

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