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Friday, 12 February 2016

Your Andriod Can Be a Measuring Tape

Dear Readers,
    In this post I shall be emphasising on the use and advantages of andriod od technology in instrumentation.
Yes the anderiod phone you carry everyday can even help you at site to take tentative measurements.
There are many such andriod apps available on the Google play store which serve the same purpose. One of them which I use is the 'GPS tape measure' it is a very good app and the interface is also easy all it requires is a GPS network.
Install it in your phone and you can use your phone to take measurements.
After you install the app and launching it it'll ask you to enable GPS after which it it'll show your current direction. To start the measurements hold your device near the start point and then press save location.
After you press save location the location will be saved then move your device to the other locations and you can see the distance traversed. The result are not accurate but one can get a tentative idea of dimensions.

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