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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Geometry Of Truss | First Web App Or Simply Jugad!

This post consist of an excel sheet which I used in my SD1 termwork, I tried using some freely available resources and embedded a part of my excel sheet into this blog to make it run like a software.

The following I-frame Consist of a form which is just to fetch up the inputs which is further processed by Google Spreadsheets...

After putting a lot of time studying a few scripts.
I finally Present my First Jugad in Web development

Please fill in the following form with the available data and click on the link at the end to download the results, please be quick in this process as the link resets every 1 min.
If form is not visible then click here
To download the Output after completing the form click here

Output(there may be lag):

Please note: I'm not an IT personnel but an enthusiastic Civil Engineer, any inconveniences in the technicalities and working of this site is regretted!

Hope this is of some help...
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