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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Repair My Chrome | Free your PC from Adware Infection

It happens many times you're downloading some software or any sort of executable files a few additional softwares, toolbars, etc. are also installed along with it. Such softwares are often prone to be ransomware that steal your personal data or adware that make show you unwanted adds in your browser.

Some downloads also add up a few undesirable extensions to your browser that display you unwanted websites and also change your default web page and default search engine

One of such is the Youndoo malware that is much difficult to remove. Also at some stages these malwares also block Chrome from functioning properly.

Here are a few steps that you could perform to fix the issues.:

1. Install Adware Removal tools(highly recommended):

This is the most recommended and easiest step, just install the adware removal tools that can search up your entire PC and find such malwares that are creating problems with the functioning.

I've personally use Adware removal tool by TSA. It works efficiently and free of cost.

This video gives a good intro to the tool

2. Delete Recently Installed files:

Once you've realised that your browser isn't having the same appearance what you can do is go to control panel, then go to the add or remove programs then check for any recently installed unkown files and then remove them from your PC.

3. Delete Recently Installed files:
Go to the Chrome(or any other browser shortcut) and then right click and go to the target field and check out if any other changes have been made to the target directory. Then move replace the target with the correct one. Refer the video below for more details on how to perform this step.

You don't need to perform all the steps, it usually fixed up with the 1st step itself.

If you found any problems in the execution of any of the steps please let us know in the comments below...

Monday, 23 January 2017

Using the Calculator Like a Pro!

Engineering is these Days Is Impossible


Certainly, all engineers have touched the either of the above devices. But most of us have failed to exploit the device to its very extent!

The calculator is loaded with a number of features we're not aware of the functions that the calculator performs. How simple it is calculate the centroid of a geometry or the neutral axis of a structure using the regression mode.

You don't need to remember the commonly used constants or conversion factors nor do you need to impound your hard labour into the task of computation to execute the same equation again and again.
The best part is you can program your calculator to perform a particular set of operation.

So to reap this many benefits, all you need to do is!
Read the Manual that comes with the calculator...

download it here...

Once you've read the manual you'll have a great idea of how powerful that little device is...

Here are a few that you could implement on your calculator to make your life simple and score good marks:
  • Directly input constants from the menu, no need to remember those long java scripts!
  • Use the regression mode for the calculation of mean, variance and standard deviation. The regression mode can also be used to perform some jugad calculations like calculating the certroid of a geometry, calculating the depth of neutral axis, etc.
  • Program the calculator: if you're working on a same equation since a for a number of instances you can just program the calculator and then the calculator will ask you for the values. Just feed in the values and you're done.
  • Integration, this is certainly my favorite function. Integration is difficult and tedious but being a civil engineering student I've encountered integration in a number of structural topics. So it just becomes a simple task once you're aware of the functionalities.
  • .....there are maaaany more which I won't be able to write

Here's the bonus!

My playlist for the calculator features that could assist you!
it is said a number of times that people learn better from videos rather than pieces of text.

For Casio fx-991MS

For Casio 991ES

Hope the above text was useful....

Hyonkows Original Creations...

Thanks for reading...
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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Using Andriod phone as a Camera and Projecting Live On Screen

Andriod phones aren't just phones, they're way more than a phone. Simply they could do any task possible by coding.
And for the same, I'd applied android phones to work as a camera for my events.

Being and engineering student I had gone to a village near Pune for an NSS Camp, at the camp we'd done a number of activities which can be seen in the video at the end of this post.

Backstage Team
At the camp, I was part of the backstage team and it was my responsibility to run the projector and make sure that the screen displayed and engaged the audience.

It was the first time I'd experimented this stuff and I'm extremely grateful to my teachers and co-workers who allowed me to experiment this concept.

What I did was.....
Downloaded the app named I.P. Camera   from google play store to my phone.
Later I started the wifi hotspot and connected my laptop to the hotspot. Please be sure that the phone and laptop both are on the same wifi network.

The video Below gives a brief introduction to the app:

Once you start the server in the I.P. Camera it gives you a link which you have to type in your browser, typically I use Chrome. Once you've entered the link it displays the live imagery of the objects your phone is targeting. Now as my laptop was also connected to the projector, everything on my laptop screen was casted on the projector screen and the people at the venue could see it.

Me on the Left with my projection behind!

Thanks for reading and let me know your comments below...

Look at the NSS documentary I made:

Saturday, 14 January 2017

PCC and cube casting work using RMC | HYONKOWS


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