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Monday, 23 January 2017

Using the Calculator Like a Pro!

Engineering is these Days Is Impossible


Certainly, all engineers have touched the either of the above devices. But most of us have failed to exploit the device to its very extent!

The calculator is loaded with a number of features we're not aware of the functions that the calculator performs. How simple it is calculate the centroid of a geometry or the neutral axis of a structure using the regression mode.

You don't need to remember the commonly used constants or conversion factors nor do you need to impound your hard labour into the task of computation to execute the same equation again and again.
The best part is you can program your calculator to perform a particular set of operation.

So to reap this many benefits, all you need to do is!
Read the Manual that comes with the calculator...

download it here...

Once you've read the manual you'll have a great idea of how powerful that little device is...

Here are a few that you could implement on your calculator to make your life simple and score good marks:
  • Directly input constants from the menu, no need to remember those long java scripts!
  • Use the regression mode for the calculation of mean, variance and standard deviation. The regression mode can also be used to perform some jugad calculations like calculating the certroid of a geometry, calculating the depth of neutral axis, etc.
  • Program the calculator: if you're working on a same equation since a for a number of instances you can just program the calculator and then the calculator will ask you for the values. Just feed in the values and you're done.
  • Integration, this is certainly my favorite function. Integration is difficult and tedious but being a civil engineering student I've encountered integration in a number of structural topics. So it just becomes a simple task once you're aware of the functionalities.
  • .....there are maaaany more which I won't be able to write

Here's the bonus!

My playlist for the calculator features that could assist you!
it is said a number of times that people learn better from videos rather than pieces of text.

For Casio fx-991MS

For Casio 991ES

Hope the above text was useful....

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