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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Irrolarea | Irrigation, Solar And Area Management

What does this concept involve?

       Basically, it includes the concept of solar sharing. How it could be used to make more output from the land. We all might be aware of the what a catalyst is, 'a substance which facilitates the reaction'. Similarly, we took another approach towards the solar farming concept, what currently is being done is that a land is taken and panels are just placed over it. What if you could use the land more efficiently and precisely. Agriculture in India is the primary occupation of a majority of the population and India being close to the equator receives the direct solar radiation and this solar radiation is certainly not much useful to the agriculture, plants need sunlight but only to a certain extent. Anything beyond the limit is harmful and useless. Our paper focuses on emphasising the concept of mutual re-inforcement for a sustained development. The side product of one could be the reinforcement for the other.

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We'd published this paper in IJIRSET in the December 2016 online Edition.
Please navigate through the following links for more details.
View the abstract
View the Entire Paper

Check out our video on how we increased the output from the solar Panels

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