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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Dsynchronize | Your sync companion

Cloud is one of the best available tool to keep your stuffs accessible on the go. But! the Internet is not always available and the cloud services may sometimes attract a little discomfort. 

What comes handy is your flash-drive or 'Pendrive' that is the portable data devices. 

So having your data backed up on the portable devices could be the best possible way to have an accessibility on the go now that we have OTG phones and etc. 

How to have your data accessible all the time in your portable drives as these drives could get corrupted, misplaced or stop working for an unknown cause, then certainly its better to have a copy of the data on the core machine that you shall be using and for this there are a couple of tools available on the Internet. 

Previously Windows used to provide the 'Briefcase' to sync data between network or removable devices or for files at two different locations, it was a good service but it had a few problems such as the slow sync rate and slow copy, if you're copying from a folder to the briefcase the file copy would be very slow. 

As an alternative to this sync problem, I found Dsynchronize. A freely available software developed by Dimino I've been using since past 3 years and it has to an extent simplified my data sync. In the past and even now I see people copying files over and over to just replace the older version and in this process they mistakenly replace the required files. 

How is Dsynchronize useful? 

It provides a number of options like one-way sync and control over the delete, replace and add functions to get a proper grip over the data you'd like to keep an account on. 
It's a simple tool having a volume of a few Kbs and easy to run. 

How I use it? 

I have my core folder at my PC which is having all my works and the files I need, now what I've done is that I've added a same folder to my pendrive. Now run the Dsynchronize and for the first time you'll have to carry a little bit of adjustments like the source and destination directory location, etc. Once you've done with the setup then just a click to get your data backed up into the pendrive or from the pendrive to the PC without having to personally copy the files and search for the location. 

As you have the control over the add, replace and delete options it becomes easy to manage the files you'd like to modify and you'd like to keep as it is, though sometimes such features become a drag! 

Well all that being said I hope you liked the post and please leave your comment! 



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    1. Thanks Saurabh, this software could be of great use especially for the BE Project