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Friday, 17 March 2017

What I learned from The IoT workshop | Civil Engineering Student attending computer & IT workshops

Trinity College of Engineering and Research, Pune had organised a 2-days workshop on IoT (internet of things) well and even I'd attended it.

It's unusual for civil engineering students to attend such hardcore computer workshops and certainly, people around me were surprised and Many of them advised me to change my field of study!

I learned a number of techniques and it was one of the best experience, here is what I found useful in my field!

Addressing and Identification Protocol:

I wanted to learn this for a long time, I mean actually not the Internet or computer one but the one that allows me to have a good command over the files and systems. In short, getting organised, The computer has a very good method which they call protocol to identify files or objects. This protocol is extremely useful in working with complex objects that include a series of modifications and let me remind you its a very confusing task to label an object which we change in every revision of our works.

Just an example,

My third year termwork includes the design of building, Structural Design 2.
Initally I made the architectural plan, then the structural plan, then calculated the slabs and beams. While doing so I realised some flaws and so modified it again, after that again I recalled that few panels were miss-placed so this process of renaming the structural members iterated over a number of cycles and my team-mates were pissed off!

we had to make a number of drawings for the first floor, second floor, third floor and etc.

This stage I refer to as the static addressing, where we had to change the labels of beams, columns and that change was to done over the entire plan. It was a tedious task.

Check out this enlarged view

Simply Confusing!

Now Inspired by the IPv6 and other addressing protocols we formulated the following:

Inspired by Internet Protocols, Labelling in construction plans from Shadaab Sayyed

This seems to be much more simple and easy to understand.
its like the IP address http://192.168..........

In my way for the slabs

We'll this gave us a dyanamic mode of editing, we could adjust the members locally without having to worry about its effect on the global (entire plan) also this system was efficient enough to pin-point the location of the concerned member by distributing it into quadrant systems.
Now we shall be using this addressing system throughout the calculation across excel, stadd and other softwares available,

Hope you like the post, your comment would be appreciated!



  1. Great Job..!! Its very glad to see that,your every post, every innovation finally connects back to your field..CIVIL..!
    Good Going..! Keep it up >>

  2. It's good shadab keep going..😉👍