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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

SD2 Visit Report 2 | (How I Applied The Styles Feature in Word)

Learn How the Styles in word can be used:

    Mircosoft word comes along with a great loads of useful features, one such is the style function in word. Simply refer the above PDF and you'll notice that the headings are and sub-headings are all made uniformly. Also there is complete hierarchy in the document, styles makes it easy and simple to implement that in the document and much more than that you can even modify the designs of the document. I simply love what Microsoft Office Products offer and each time I use them they provide something more than I ever expect from it.

To Be super-user and have more idea on what I've mentioned above we strongly recommend that you see the following video:

Thats All we wanted to offer for now, more details tricks on using Microsoft Word to appear soon on this blog, do keep visiting...


Image Credits:
Sagar Khot

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