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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

SD2 Project TermWork Archieve | TE Civil

Me, Using two screens for excel and AutoCAD 

        In the Third year of my Civil Engineering I'd performed a couple of projects as my termwork for the second semester, I'm sharing those with a vision that they could be referred and could contribute towards a mutual development
         Challenges help you learn something more adventurous and new! I've Used two Screens for this TermWork Submission! :-) 

Checkout The Files Below

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The softwares used for this project were as follows:

  • AutoCAD
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Stadd Pro
  • Microsoft Word
While calculating the loads an alternative method was used to estimate the loadings on the that are to be transferred from the slabs to the beam. Using AutoCAD the plan was traced and the area was calculated:
Learn more from the following Video:

Microsoft Excel was used to calculate the loadings  as well as designing the beams and columns.

On Stadd I'd Made the model but failed to analyse it. I do wish to work on the analysis of the structure using Stadd Pro.

Stadd Pro Rendered Model For the Project
Well All this was the software and calculations, the final works end with sheets. All the structural calculations are to be represented on a drawing and which involved some intense hours of drawing...

My Drawing Set-up

        Hope you found this post useful and please let me know if there are any scopes for development available.  Gags! I call errors to be scopes of development :-).

Would appreciate your comments, if you like this blog I'd recommend you to check out other useful stuffs on this blog.

      I'm grateful to my Guide Prof. Swapnil Walzade sir for guiding us throughout this project an encouraging us to carry the #Jugad that we've been doing...


That was just too much of Hard work I did, It could have been simply resolved by using the excel sheet that one of my Professor made during his engineering studies. You can click here to visit his blog and learn more about the template