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Sunday, 28 May 2017

SD1 Project Termwork Archieve - Unleashing the Power of Microsoft Excel | TE Civil

Designing Something like this was the Part of the Project

While in the 5th Semester that is in the 1st semester of Third year A project to design an industrial truss along with a few more elements was assigned to us. A group of 3 members to analyse and design the structural frame of the industrial shed.

To expedite our works and improve our overall efficiency we opted for the use of software and typically our best hands on software Microsoft Excel

Check out the video below to learn about the initial design procedure

So without wasting any more time here I present before you the entire folder of the files and drawings that we'd created during the course of our project, please note that these files may be wrong or having errors. They're meant only for the purpose of reference.

Basically it involved a lot of manual labour to design the excel template but once it was done I was simply able to modify the members and as I'd included the logical checks by just changing the members I was able to find the most economical member, avoiding the huge amount of calculation.

A few glimpse of the excel sheet:

Finally was able to implement the axial load analysis on Excel after a lot of trial and error on paper!

Hope you found this post useful...