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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Plan B | What if I couldn’t make up for the Final Year

    Planning for the worst case scenario and keeping a positive attitude is an essential quality.
The P's in Life..
Positive approach and plenty of plans.
Alhamdulillah! by the grace of Allah, I’ve made up till here and InSha Allah would also get the degree by next year. But a number of complexities; financial and others undisclosed could be an obstruction that could stall down the sync. Such incidents call for an alternative, a plan that could forsake all sorrows and difficulties associated with it.
Recently I’ve realized how important it is to be grateful, you learn that there are a lot of people who aren’t that privileged as you to have yourself associated with such a Great Institution, to have such good and always motivating teachers at your disposal, having the privilege to ride a bike to college instead of just having to struggle in buses or walk and above all parents and guardians that are wiling to sacrifice a lot for you.

Alhamdulillah! be positive and have your plan B as a backup in case if any disaster happens to occur. Here is what I feel, I should accomplish I were to have a year off
  1. With the grace of Allah, I’ve been offered jobs that pay fair enough to manage my expenses and it would be a great opportunity to work and earn and invest your own money for Learning.
  2. I feel that I’m lagging in communication skills and vocabulary, it would be a great venture for me to work on that sector and have a wholesome development.
  3. I have a few of my projects that demand a lot of time, which I could easy work on after having a year drop. Alhamdulillah! 3 research papers this year, InSha Allah the number would rise if only I could dedicate more time on it.
  4. Learning what I couldn’t as a full time student, I’m deeply interested in having knowledge of coding and developing systems. Having free time and funds (from the job) I could inSha Allah live the dream of a Programming Civil Engineer!
  5. Having deep desire to become a structural engineer, I could strive hard, learn software required for the designing buildings and if possible also land into an Internship finally leading to a job InSha Allah.
  6. Invest in having financial freedom, after having 365 days of free-time at my disposal I could pursue my long awaited desire of learning Stocks and Shares towards attaining financial freedom and no more dependencies.
  7. Read, read and read; recently I developed the addiction to reading (check out the read section on this blog for to know which books I read). This post possibly is a byproduct of my reading addiction.
  8. Loads of experimentation, having resources at disposal it could be simple to have better learning experiences.
  9. Focus on Blogging, this blogging also demands a lot of time and efforts, after having time It could be simply possible to put efforts and develop it into a complete professional looking website.
  10. Youtubing, the fun activity sometimes annoying though could have more of my time and could have greater and much better content into the web having more subscribers and more internet impact.
  11. …….the list could continue to infinity
   Even after having so much adventure available to enjoy before you have a debut as a Civil engineer on the hard construction environment, we feel there’s a huge loss; though having feelings of inferiority couldn’t be denied your friends and companions would all move on…

But then You have these two Guys! who got their degrees after establishing empires worth of billions

Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates

So cheer up and be grateful of what you have, be positive and aim for the best.
It should be accounted that It is the Plan B that is followed by A; it is under no circumstances recommended that a year be missed or let down! As marked by Napoleon Hill, your desire for a thing determines its availability! have strong efforts to make Plan A a success because no matter how good looks plan B is a just a substitute, even though there a list of infinite items accomplishing them would be extremely difficult.
My plans might appear to be extremely adventurous and fun, but I keep plan B just to motivate myself and keep a positive mindset.

I wish to have your prayers!
Please remember me in your Duas! Ramadan Mubarak!
Thanks for reading


  1. Thats really well said! Thanks.I would definitely look forward to it.(but I guess my option probably comes in that infinity list!) ;-)

    1. I'm Glad that you'd read this looong post..
      Hope it would have motivated you.
      Yes, we wish you a best luck in your pursuit of infinity list.

      Hope we meet at the Grand Line. Until then Keep kicking!