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Friday, 2 June 2017

Estimate the Time Remaining To Receive Your Payment from YouTube

How Long Will It take

Most People have turned to YouTube to generate passive incomes but least of those realize that there's a long period of haul before they make any returns from their efforts on the website. Even I make videos and tutorials which are both fun and a great experience to learn more stuffs. YouTube is one of the best learning space that provides a rich environment to develop almost all the skills that you need. Me personally having been a learned a lot of stuffs from YouTubers.

While studying a subject in engineering I realized that we need to have an estimate of the period of return or recovery period. In project management and Engineering economics we'd learned that the feasibility of any project depends on the Criteria such as Payback Period, Internal Rate of Return, Net Present Value, etc. I decided to put this stuffs to real test and experiment if It really works out.

I've been in touch with a few YouTubers who usually brag about their YouTube earning and how they're making a sustainable living out of it. To me its certainly impossible to have an entire dependence on YouTube for finances. For the many new youtubers like me whos Monthy 28 Day revenue is around $0.60-$1.00 it is important to realize that it'll be a long journey to receive the first threshold payment that is $100 (equivalent to 6000 INR Appx.).

In this post I've simply applied the simple calculations that simply require current earnings accumulated which are deducted from the $100 threshold to find the balance revenue which is to be accumulated. Also a field requires to input the monthly revenue which is divided to find the remaining period for the payment.

Try The Payment Time Estimator Below

Input Addition
Total Revenue Till Date ($) =
Monthly Revenue 28 Days ($) =

Estimated Time for Payment (Year)=

We've Coded this Ourselves
Please let us know for Bugs if Any

Comment in the section below how long is the period for you? For Me Its Around 9 Years 😢
Above tool works only for people having revenues less than $100, (ping us if you're having more so that we'll develop one that works for you).


  • Plugin Envisioned By Sayyed Shadaab & In Association with Moosa Aftaab
  • Prof. Jitesh Dhule (Project Management and Engineering Economics)

Checkout the complete code below, Follow me on GitHub


  1. Great post Hyonknows
    I got Estimated Time for Payment (Year)= 0.23402781037866058
    Really very helpfull and keep your good work up.....
    All the best.......
    (Huzaif Sayyed)

    1. Congratulations!
      I guess it'll be a party time in the 3 months...

  2. Amazing work.. keep it up....
    My estimated time for payment is 3.1063718524413115 😀😀
    Wish you success

  3. We dont have required input data yet because our channel is too new

    We will soon calculate remaining time once we get some figures from youtube