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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Trello: Organize Your BE Project | Best Group Project Management Platform

Life Is Simple, Just get a bit  organized and you’ll learn how!
Having loads of task done is difficult and on top of it to maintain a team to get it done moves the entire project to a whole new level. In this age where everything is on the internet it would be a wise decision to implement technology to achieve this task that men frequently seem to fear.
Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce before you a tool that I’ve been using since a few months. I would like to thank My Friend and partner in a number of my experiments Mr. Irfan Jamadar (AERION) to perform as a beta tester for this this tool as well.

     A free tool available for android as well as Window/Mac, etc. is extremely useful to organize your works and assign tasks to your teammates and get the works done more efficiently and in an effortless manner. It is based on the concept of white board where you can simply add lists, by just drag and drop you can assign the task to member, keep a general list, etc. this software is just so much vague that its application is diverse in nature. Try it yourself!
We’ve been personally using the platform as an android app as well as on PC and found it to be greatly assistive in our tasks
Checkout the following Videos to learn how you could efficiently use trello for your project and other tasks:

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