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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Run As Date | Extend the License/Trial Period of Almost All softwares

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This is a simple tool using which one can Extend the validity of a software License or trial period of the software. Softwares before starting perform a check over the clock and determine whether to execute or not and in many circumstances it has been found that by changing the time that is the date of your PC you can execute the software as it would execute normally on the previous date. This is a simple trick that is used by most people like Chemist, Librarians, storekeepers, etc. to use the software they purchased earlier to manage the licensing costs. Though it creates a difference in the entries like their dates are distorted which they end up managing by a little calculation manually or by using excel.

Its simple you'll have to give in a little amount of efforts to save your pennies, but there are a few people who are way lazy, they are the lazy innovators it can be assumed that the developer of this software tool would've been frustrated playing around with the clock of the PC.

Its simple, this tool just creates a change in the time of the PC that is applicable to the software or program you select in its environment. In order words you're making the Program believe that it is opened on a different date but the date on your PC's clock remains same. So its simple logic instead of changing the time for the entire system why not change it for a few seconds till the program verifies the license and trial conditions and then revert back to the original status!

You May Click here to visit the Developers website to download the software

Its having a very simple environment and doesn't consume much of the resources of your system check out the video below to learn more on how to use the tool!

 Please note that we do not promote piracy and copyrights infringement, we are aware how much it takes to develop a single software. But considering our economic conditions we believe its certainly impossible for students to purchase software that cost more than their gross income.

Here are a few steps you can do to stand legally strong:

  • Go Open Source: There are a number of free alternatives available for almost all types of applications, these do not require any license and are maintained by the community.
  • Use Student License: This is applicable only if you're a student, almost all big developers like Autodesk, Space GASS, Mircosoft, Bentley, etc. provide a student license for educational purposes. You can find more details about it on their website.
  • Develop You Own Using Open source codes: These a great scope in this if you're good at coding and logics source codes or programing tools are freely available on websites like GitHub, etc. Once can study and develop their on tools, though its a great pain and take a lot of effort.
Hope you find this post useful, please comment below about your experience dealing with licenses...

At this stage even I use a few pirated software but I have committed myself that one day I shall purchase the license and make payments for the software's I'd used!

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