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Monday, 31 July 2017

What does money means to me?

Money is an instrument of negotiation using it one can negotiate his/her lifestyle, emotions, comfort & his community.

Humans need one another, we're living in an area where people work only in fields of specialization, unlike the early ages where men used to do their own stuffs like grow food, etc. Later trade developed and the barter system came into action, man was relieved from the stress of doing each and every task. Eventually due to a few flaws in barter system the concept of currency came into fields existence. Now we live in the Age where virtual currency is evolving, yet the basic purpose of the concept is just to facilitate trade.

What does money means to me? Every time I recieve money I get a decking feeling which I bet would be equivalent to the feeling our ancestors felt after having independence from the long British rule.

Why freedom? Because where I live, very low opportunities evolve for making an infomercial. Part-time jobs are a real mess and paid internships don't exist simply making it impossible for students to make their own source of funding and make them become more dependent on their parents. Above all this if you're a student of OPEN category then you're financially doomed, the government thinks of you to be the son of TATA, BIRLA & AMBANI and the system is so designed that you have to pay a lot.

My father earns a sustainable income yet as we're from an OPEN/GENERAL category much of our income goes away as we don't receive any type of subsidy or scholarship, another though oppression on the honest tax payers of India. On the other hand I know a few of my friends who have a way better status and income yet just because they have a document claiming their caste benefits. Even though they don't qualify for it through merit somehow they get admissions on a low score, how stupid!

It's been a recent experience of mine, being an open category student things are difficult for you than others. The engineering syllabus teaches you a lot but not the necessary skills. The coaching and classes for further education is too costly and difficult to manage while having the other expenses over head. June is a month full of stress as I'm supposed to pay a fees of Rs. 1 lakh and certainly it's beyond my purchasing power, yet my father won't compromise with the scene and he somehow makes an adjustment for the fees, in the aftermath of the payment I've seen him dealing with the financial crunch and difficulties in business.

The previous year I was qualified for the international UG Fellowship, it was a program that I'd be glad to get into and be a part yet as I was dependent I couldn't make it into. Though I calm down myself with an affirmation "If not this time then at a better position next time. " Though it temporarily gives me a relief but soon after a day or two I'm again confronted with the sad reality. I just couldn't get into the program because I didn't had money to pay, it demanded around Rs. 1.5 lakh + other expenses and it was a time when when I'm not able to pay my college fees. So I simply dropped the idea.

If only we'd had I the money, I could have the experience of learning that is really to a an opportunity appearing for a few.

You see people in India run a number of NGOs but I've observed a sad truth about and it's preference to documents over the appearance/appeal. We live in a country where documents could be easily faked, so simple it is to make an income certificate of Rs. 50000 per annum and own an IPhone 7+, isn't it interesting? The government either keeps such loops on purpose or they're just out of common sense for the people who design the system. Recently I've been denied of a scholarship and certainly I'm used to that sort of behavior from all ends.

My father earns a good fortune, but you can't become rich by just earning. He never compromises with the educational expenses of me and my siblings, sadly the burden of OPEN Category has taken a toll over his financial situations as well, all I wish now is to get a degree, get into a good job and assist my family in managing their expenses. Work until my siblings get the quality of education my father gave me and then earn a savings for my self to complete my Masters and carry out the dream Research projects which I've just snoozed like an alarm ⏰ clock.

In plain words money is just an instrument of negotiating emotions...

I really dream of building a foundation for students of OPEN category who're denied by this reserved system and fund their education and help them in research ventures once I'm having a good fortune at my disposal.

Until then I'm grateful for what I have (Alhamdullilah) but certainly a human emotion to desire for good and better always puts me into depressed state, may Allah ease our difficulties and bless us with a good here and the hereafter...

Have Takwa and tawakkul, believe in Gaib. Miracles could happen anytime and anywhere, it is Allah who controls the good and the bad!

Ja Mata ne!


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