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Sunday, 13 August 2017

MindMup | Mapping Your Concepts, Projects, Events and Et Cetera!

 JCB: Just A Clear Brain is What You Need!

As said, most of us are keen on planning stuffs but as we get deeper into the depths so is our chances of drowning into the stuffs and getting overwhelmed by tasks. At such times it is important that we know how our brain functions and how to optimize the memory hardware we've been blessed with. Just as a computer functions, the more you load its RAM with objects and stuffs it has to remember it becomes laggy and tends to have more glitches than ever. So it is better that you to have something 'hardcopied' in front of your eyes, stuffs that you actually see and remind yourself off!

But Again getting it 'hardcopied' won't solve much of the problem as just simply written text is much time-consuming when it comes to analyzing it, I've been using the concept of brain mapping since a couple of years (in short since I joined Engineering :-P, not before that) and it has revolutionized the process of concept development.

I basically use the tool MindMup, its a freely available tool on the Internet.
I draw down the ideas and connect them with one another specifying their relations like family tree, predecessor and successor. 

Check out the Map Below:

Zoom or pinch the screen to get detailed exploration

This was the map that I developed while we working on an equipment development that could surpass Total Stations (a versatile survey equipment) in its utility and functionality.
What I did was just broke down the initial concepts that evolve from its parent node "Stakeout360" as seen in the dark blue colour. After that we had a few parts branching out and we kept on developing means to get our task accomplished and since there were a number of methods to triliterate and find the positions we kept on probing on each method on one time and until they were reached to a dead end. In this way we had a comparison available before us.

It was extremely helpful in working on this concept and we used different colour codes such as green and red to specify items of higher concerns or priority.

The best part is, Its Interactive!
You can expand or collapse any branch you'd like!

We use it for a number of process such as follows:
  • Research Work
  • Event Planning
  • SWOT analysis
  • Semster Planning
  • .....and a lot many that we don't remember at the moment :-].
So you might want to see a video on How I applied that technology!
Check out the window below:

As I'd mentioned I use MindMup for Event Planning, Here is a small glimpse of an event that I'd planned using MindMup
(I know its not built for this purpose though!)

So your brain is like a factory of ideas and its your job to keep space clear for it to continue production!

Now that You've read this far, I guess you might like to try it out yourself.

But before you do that!
Check out this Video that my Canadian Friend Steve Made about MindMup:

This is how we implement this tool and would be glad to know How you'd use the tool in your applications.

With this....

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