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Saturday, 30 September 2017

Download Complete Playlist from YouTube | Using IDM & Youtube-Multidownloader

It happens with most of us that we have to download the entire playlist from YouTube. Such time the following website could be extremely useful. I use it often to download the NPTEL video lectures while I'm having a good network and view them offline later.
If you're using IDM then follow the steps:

  1. Go to YouTube, then navigate through the playlist you wish to download.
  2. Click on share the playlist.
  3. Copy the URL from share link
  4. Visit the site and paste the URL, it'll generate a code in the window below.
  5. Open IDM and then click on the Task option on the menubar, then click on "Add batch Download from Clipboard" then a dialogue box will appear.
  6. You're almost done, now follow the prompts and the videos shall be downloaded
Alternatively You can also use following website to generate the code for batch download (we reconmmend this link as it will also name the videos with the titles as displayed at the videos on YouTube)

Thanks for Reading...


Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Never Do it for Free | You'll Loose Value of your Service/Products

It's been a common saying that,
Whenever you're Good at Something never do it for free.

Most people relate it to remuneration in terms of rewards or benefits and so did I believe it to mean. Until now I never thought much about this quote, though people close to me reminded me of it frequently. 

I'm a type of person who will dig the well only when there's extremely high need of water and won't bother wasting time over it. I have pretty much of other stuff to take care of, remember I'm an OPEN CATEGORY student! 

So until now, I used to do a number of technical works in my college which involved development and implementation of new techniques. I used to do a lot of work, put in a lot of efforts and personal investments, yet would do it for free. People used to appreciate my work and I kinda liked doing them. 

 Well, your brain eventually matures and makes you think multidimensionally i.e. How, why? what's the profit, etc. It is this phase wherein you realize that people are just making use of your skills for their benefits and under a few instances not giving the value you require. 

  I did a lot of work for free and realized that people simply don't give value to your works on the other hands just consider if they would have paid me for my works, like it if the product would have required them to make a payment it would have been more valuable to them. They would have been more respectful towards the product. I made a few videos and managed the online activities of our Civil Engineering department of our college, lately I realized that just working for free people often take me for granted, get their work done and I do appreciate that I was able to help them but the sad part is that the product or service that I create or provide isn't valued or used too often and ends up just in files for reference. It is to be learned from the mistakes and experiences and I certainly take it into consideration as a result of which I would now be curtailing all the free services and would be leveraging my skills for monetary rewards.

  It is extremely essential for one to be able to escape from the emotional state of unrest and attain peace of mind certainly, man is equipped with limited amount of motivation and with every effort you to put in a certain amount of motivation is consume and in-order to replenish the motivation stock you need positive affirmation and the best form of it is seeing your product being used and valued by others.

 Another thing I commonly observed is that material output that is tangible is much valued by people than the intangible products such as videos, intellectual properties. This is certainly disheartening but you have to live with it....

Would simply like to end this with a small statement,
Anything that is available for free isn't valued!
Even the Gurus of the Ancient Indian Education system asked for Guru-Dakshina

in a nut-shell its, Ghar ki Murgi Dal Barabar!

पढ़ने के लिए धन्यवाद!

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Caesium Image Compressor software | Reduce the Size of your Documents, Images for Indian Scholarship form Fillings

Most Indian scholarship websites restrict the size of documents to be uploaded for the form. Caesium considerably reduces the image size without much loss of quality and is one of the best tool available on the internet for use

How To Add IDM (internet download manager) Extension To Google Chrome Br...

I personally use IDM a lot, and its malfunctioning annoys me a lot. Just found this quick fix 

Tests Done on Bitumen

Bitumen is the most used surface grading material in the construction of roads and is often found to be used as a binder in different areas.

Calculations of Moment using STAAD, replacing the Tedious Frame Analysis | SD3 Termwork

Frame Analysis

BLC: Be Lazy When you Have a Computer to Compute

It has been a common approach in structural analysis and especially while analysing for earthquake forces to use the Frame Analysis methods such as Cantilever Method and et cetera. These methods are very time-consuming error prone, a single mistake and the entire ship could sink. 

The best part of living in the 21st century is the availability of software that could do the task for you, simply a few inputs and boom! your task is done. I personally use STAAD pro for a number of my analysis purposes and it is at the starting a bit difficult to get a grip over the software environment of STAAD but once you've learned it, its a skill you that could trade off your efforts. One such project is the designing of building for earthquake loads. And in order to analyze the forces and the moments acting on the structure you need to perform a frame analysis of the entire building which is very time consuming and tedious, it involves a number of computations if done manually. If I wouldn't have learned about STAAD pro I would have simply made an excel sheet to perform the analysis, but now I'm having the software so I simply don't need to waste my time on preparing excel sheets.

So let's get back to work:

In my analysis I used Excel sheet to calculate the loads that would be acting on each storey using IS codes, I could have done this on STAAD but the university syllabus necessitates me to manually estimate the earthquake forces :-) but bad hand-writing and extreme laziness to calculate manually every modification force me to code down an excel sheet to get the work done!

Check out the excel sheet I prepared to calculated the forces that were acting on the structure:

This required a little effort but its' completely automated now and I could simply have an active instantaneous modification with automatic adaptation of fields that are constrained by formulas.

Once this task is done, comes the terrible task of manually performing all calculations but here we have software for our assistance and we shall be performing the calculation on STAAD pro.

I made a model of the structure in STAAD, assigned the properties and loadings and then performed the analysis to get the outputs. Within a few seconds, the task that would have required me at least 30 minutes was completed. As the building was not symmetric I had to perform two different analysis in two different forms for the X-Z plane and the other for the Y-Z plane.

Output for BMD of Structure X-Z plane through STAAD

This one is for the X-Z plane and the BMD is just the same as we obtain by solving manually using the portal frame method, now as the building is asymmetric, there is need of performing the earthquake forces and portal frame analysis for the other direction also.

Output for BMD of Structure Y-Z plane through STAAD

So this is how you can use STAAD for calculating the BMD within a few minutes and save time and efforts.

Apply the loads in in the form of concentrated nodal loads on the floors in acting the X or Y directions only. Let me know about your experiences analysing structures on STAAD.

Until then

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Reverse Engineering | Terrible and Surprising Interpretation!

I learned a lot by reverse engineering stuff and experimentation! yet a few won't understand how difficult it is to acquire a skill and simply fake up being more skilled.

With Great Skills come Great Responsibilities

It was an extremely different and varied approach to learn stuff on your own though not to forget the credit you owe to the YouTubers and your secret mentors, and all of a sudden you realize there'll be people in your life who are simply great in behaving as if they're masters at the performing the task and it is to be noted that they simply don't have any knowledge of it.

You shouldn't give the undeserved the privileged of a deserving, it simply ruins the compensate of the efforts.

There was a recent situation wherein I made a blog for a set of individuals and then there was a person to cite REVERSE ENGINEERING and ask me to spread the propaganda that I learned blogging from them when its surely not the case! I must at the moment come up and display off my real mentors, Bloggers, and YouTubers. 

It is through the exposure of internet and the solitude that I'd learned blogging and other internet activities which otherwise would have been impossible....

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Hard work and No Compromise in Standards are the ultimate essentials for quality


Friday, 8 September 2017

Effects of reservation system in India | Its Time we end Reservation and empower the Deserved

This is one the best video that explains the ill effects of reservation in our Country!

The above video provides a great insights and motivates the deprived OPEN Category students and candidates to have pride and honor in their works. It basically shows how people get into the higher positions, despite being unqualified for the position and make misuse of their position. It is sad but the ugly truth of India's system of governance, few just because they belong to a certain caste or category are given extra privileges, I agree that it was once the need of the time but now the time has changed and people need to realize that we are living in an age where your caste doesn't matters. Its like we've to an extent bridged the economic gap that separated the two caste people and made the higher class more privileged in the past.

I agree that reservation should still exist and a there are a few really deserving people, but what I mostly observed is that a few well earning families are also still enjoying the benefits of the reservation system while they're economically capable of sustaining themselves. Its the honest taxpayers money that ends up in their savings account and India losses its budget in deficit again.

The current government started a campaign to convince wealthy and capable people to give up gas subsidy, why isn't there any initiative to end up reservation as well. What I've seen is our people want to remain in the reserved category and in tag themselves as the backward class or pretend to be as NOMADs, and such an attitude is sufficient to rogue a growth of any nation. History accounts that good nations are built and prospers if their citizens are having the attitude to have a higher standard, contrary to it, our people still want to enjoy the privileges of  being poor. Don't they realize that they are no good than a thief?

I've seriously had a great loss due to such reservations, in our college we had the earn & learn scheme; it wasn't a surprise that there was reservations in it too, why can't OPEN category students work hard and make their own living? And the other part is the Talathi Dakala, the Income certificate from an authority; this is the fake document that most Maha-e-seva kendras sell for around Rs. 400/- I've seen people having incomes in the range of Rs. 90,000/- per annum yet capable of affording trips and accommodation abroad. Isn't it so stupid? Who are they trying to fool? It seems like the government knows this and is purposely allowing this shit or they're simply too negligent to monitor such events. Or maybe because due to reservations, these people are holding the policy positions in the government?

I had a couple of great opportunities but simply as I belonged to the open category and I was stupid enough to follow all rules and regulations to lose them. Its not that our family earnings is too low, the problem is you become rich by saving money not by earning more. Here the Category people are having tonnes of savings. Like for me as an engineering student my annual fees is around Rs.1,00,000/- on the other hand the reservation people have their fees from around Rs.60,000/- to 10,000/- its a flat discount but the money that most OPEN tax payers paid. Sometimes I feel why is my family paying the tax to the government? 

At the end of the video the person  OPEN category really knocks down the RESERVED category with some great responses.

This really motivated me and gave me a sense of hope that there'll be some places where reservation won't work and such people won't stand a chance at such places. So be proud and happy that you're born in an OPEN category family, life is hard only for the BEST people. Beggers somehow get their meal everyday, earning it is what gains you a respected position. At the end it is the self-satisfaction that is important.

Stay Calm, work hard and Never Give UP!

Thursday, 7 September 2017

How to disable automatic shutdown due to over heating on windows 7

My computer used to hibernate each and every time I tried rendering a video, finally applied the above fix and its working smooth now.

Algorithm for designing Truss | SD1 - SPPU

As being an engineering student while preparing for exams I'd prepared the following algorithm to design a complete truss.


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