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Friday, 8 September 2017

Effects of reservation system in India | Its Time we end Reservation and empower the Deserved

This is one the best video that explains the ill effects of reservation in our Country!

The above video provides a great insights and motivates the deprived OPEN Category students and candidates to have pride and honor in their works. It basically shows how people get into the higher positions, despite being unqualified for the position and make misuse of their position. It is sad but the ugly truth of India's system of governance, few just because they belong to a certain caste or category are given extra privileges, I agree that it was once the need of the time but now the time has changed and people need to realize that we are living in an age where your caste doesn't matters. Its like we've to an extent bridged the economic gap that separated the two caste people and made the higher class more privileged in the past.

I agree that reservation should still exist and a there are a few really deserving people, but what I mostly observed is that a few well earning families are also still enjoying the benefits of the reservation system while they're economically capable of sustaining themselves. Its the honest taxpayers money that ends up in their savings account and India losses its budget in deficit again.

The current government started a campaign to convince wealthy and capable people to give up gas subsidy, why isn't there any initiative to end up reservation as well. What I've seen is our people want to remain in the reserved category and in tag themselves as the backward class or pretend to be as NOMADs, and such an attitude is sufficient to rogue a growth of any nation. History accounts that good nations are built and prospers if their citizens are having the attitude to have a higher standard, contrary to it, our people still want to enjoy the privileges of  being poor. Don't they realize that they are no good than a thief?

I've seriously had a great loss due to such reservations, in our college we had the earn & learn scheme; it wasn't a surprise that there was reservations in it too, why can't OPEN category students work hard and make their own living? And the other part is the Talathi Dakala, the Income certificate from an authority; this is the fake document that most Maha-e-seva kendras sell for around Rs. 400/- I've seen people having incomes in the range of Rs. 90,000/- per annum yet capable of affording trips and accommodation abroad. Isn't it so stupid? Who are they trying to fool? It seems like the government knows this and is purposely allowing this shit or they're simply too negligent to monitor such events. Or maybe because due to reservations, these people are holding the policy positions in the government?

I had a couple of great opportunities but simply as I belonged to the open category and I was stupid enough to follow all rules and regulations to lose them. Its not that our family earnings is too low, the problem is you become rich by saving money not by earning more. Here the Category people are having tonnes of savings. Like for me as an engineering student my annual fees is around Rs.1,00,000/- on the other hand the reservation people have their fees from around Rs.60,000/- to 10,000/- its a flat discount but the money that most OPEN tax payers paid. Sometimes I feel why is my family paying the tax to the government? 

At the end of the video the person  OPEN category really knocks down the RESERVED category with some great responses.

This really motivated me and gave me a sense of hope that there'll be some places where reservation won't work and such people won't stand a chance at such places. So be proud and happy that you're born in an OPEN category family, life is hard only for the BEST people. Beggers somehow get their meal everyday, earning it is what gains you a respected position. At the end it is the self-satisfaction that is important.

Stay Calm, work hard and Never Give UP!

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