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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Sign Conventions for Plotting SFD & BMD | Useful for Structural Analysis & Design

Structural Analysis is about Plotting SFD & BMD to derive an idea of the forces the members are subjected to

Many times while studying or practicing the fundamentals of structural design I come across this problem, what were the conventions that are arbitrarily used for plotting an SFD or BMD? and this becomes a serious problem. So as a solution I decided to write a post so that I can bookmark all the basic fundamentals that are put into action while performing this academic task.

For analyzing any structure, first the SFD that is the Shear force diagram is plotted.

Here are the conventions that are being used: 

Sign Conventions For Shear Force

This is how a typical SFD would appear like

Shear Force Diagram

Generally, all questions in the academic curriculum require you to plot a BMD and elastic deformation curve for the given set of loading, so here's how the sign conventions for BMD are determined.

Here are the conventions that are being used: 

Sign Conventions for Bending Moment
If the resultant of the forces makes the element sag, then it is considered as positive else its' considered negative.

Either sagging or hogging both induce stresses in the member which could be better explained from the image below:

Finally once you've determined the BMD conventions and calculated the BMD, your final solution for the question would be something as follows:

This was all the text, I assume a video could explain the concepts to a better extent

Check out the video below to learn how to plot the SFD & BMD

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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Using Facebook Groups for BE Project | Productivity Hack

  Co-ordination and Data Logging are one of the most important parts of a Project and when it comes to BE project it is extremely important to have all the documents and media in one place so that you can search and later on review the stuff while finalizing the thesis.

    I tried using a couple of software and tools such as Asana, Trello, Google Groups, etcetera to coordinate the activities with my group. The sad part is that most of the members are reluctant to install the new software or are really scared to learn a new tool. It becomes very difficult at times when you are running an extremely de-motivated group & people are simply not interested in learning new means of management. 

 Check out our article on the use of Trello for managing Group Projects and activities

    Then I came across Facebook groups, almost all adults and teenagers on this globe are having an account on Facebook and are actively using it for their daily leisure. It is often found that many students check their Facebook more often than their email. The best part of a Facebook group is that there is relatively no bar on the amount of Data that you keep there and the attachment size is also quite good, about 100mb files can be easily uploaded. Initially, we maintained a diary of daily meetings and tasks accomplished but as the time passed all such activities became obsolete and also the dairy went missing. So as a solution the facebook groups in secret configuration can be used to create a log of activities and reports which at the end can be compiled to prepare a summary of meeting notes. The best part is that photos and videos could be easily posted in the group making it a little fun to work.

    My experience is that people won't try new stuff if they're boring, you somehow have to make those boring stuff appear fun. Like nobody likes to post a daily meeting note unless they're getting comments and likes. Another important part is that you can control the privacy of items you share in the group and who is having access to the parts in the group. Like by setting the group to closed, secret or open you can manage the audience that is supposed to have insights into your works.

    Data savings is another part that I am very much cautious about, typically most task management software and email client provides limitations on the data transmission (though it is never consumed, limitations do make us feel sick on using them). As of my S&D, I didn't find any limitations on the sharing of items and data on Facebook. So why not make use of this free tool that is making people millionaires and uses it for our own benefit. 
    I would have preferred Google Groups for this task as it is much professional and better to use, also has tagging features, but the problem is that people aren't much used to and habitual of responding and updating on the Google groups. Especially when it comes to visiting a specific website to make a comment. 

    I like the update project feature on research gate but applying that for our projects requires to have the team of people who are actually willing to use and implement those online tools. Anyways Group projects aren't much of good experiences and somehow I hope this could make it less of a bitter experience.

Thanks for Reading..
- Sayyed Shadaab
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Pune University Question Papers | Google Drive Link

 Please click on the branches above or click here to access all the question papers that have been compiled by user UniPune Paper on Feb 13, 2015 by UniPune Paper ( Zeal Education Institutes). 

Substitute Frame Method for Analysis of Frame using Microsoft Excel | SD3 Termwork

Encoded for Simplicity

   It is extremely tedious to perform the calculation of forces in portal frame and when you have to reiterate the same procedure, it is better to have those task automated rather than performing manual reiterations. 

  Here while performing the analysis using the excel becomes very simple to use the formulas when you use the lines and other parameters to get the represent the data for simplicity. Here while I was performing the seismic design as a part of my termwork in the final year of Civil Engineering I'd used excel to automate much of my works and simplify the task instead of manually reiterating all the parts.

Check out All our Excel Templates and other tools to simplify works by clicking here

Please note that the excel sheet in the above file is made to suit a few of my own requirements and may not be compatible with your objectives.

Thanks for Reading...
- Sayyed Shadaab


BIM - A solution to end Corruption and Illegal Construction

Sophisticated yet simple and Useful

  Being an Engineering Student and an intern at a few construction projects in Pune, I've observed a few drawbacks of the current sanctioning and town planning procedures. Most municipal offices require the applicant to submit a complete detailed draft of the project that is intended to be constructed, the draft includes all the blue-prints and other allied property papers. Usually this process takes a long time unless you have some good networking in the offices to hook up your works on priority. One main drawback is that even after having the proper sanctioning and licensing done from the authorities, you're still not safe to have your construction project going. Many times during the checking of Plinth for plinth certification, chances are you'll be asked for corrections and unnecessary modifications.
  Another aspect of this is that many projects in Pune don't seem to consider sanctioning and are illegally built upon. This could be a major problem as it directly destroys the entire planning and harmony of the city. 
   As  a solution, IT could be implemented to act as a mediator between the authorities and the applicants to ensure justice and transparency between all parties.
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To know more about the project you can click the link below to read my article about construction scrutiny and application of BIM in governance.
BIM for construction scrutiny and monitoring
Introduction. India is a rapidly developing country and its infrastructure development is at an extremely large scale. In the human body, it is the DNA that controls the growth and development. But, when it comes to a city it’s the municipal authorities i.e. local government that are responsible for getting the task done.  In other words, Municipal authority refers to political administration of the smallest subdivisions of a country’s territory and population.
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