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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Substitute Frame Method for Analysis of Frame using Microsoft Excel | SD3 Termwork

Encoded for Simplicity

   It is extremely tedious to perform the calculation of forces in portal frame and when you have to reiterate the same procedure, it is better to have those task automated rather than performing manual reiterations. 

  Here while performing the analysis using the excel becomes very simple to use the formulas when you use the lines and other parameters to get the represent the data for simplicity. Here while I was performing the seismic design as a part of my termwork in the final year of Civil Engineering I'd used excel to automate much of my works and simplify the task instead of manually reiterating all the parts.

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Please note that the excel sheet in the above file is made to suit a few of my own requirements and may not be compatible with your objectives.

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- Sayyed Shadaab

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