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Saturday, 9 December 2017

Conversion Factors | Web-app for Converting Cubic Meters to Brass

   Use the module below to convert the values from cubic meter to brass. It is specifically designed to convert the Cubic Meter value into its corresponding value in Brass. Brass is the commonly used unit by material suppliers on construction sites. The materials such as Aggregate, Sand, Earth-muck (used for backfill), etc. are all measured and billed considering brass as a unit.

1 Brass = 1000 Cubic ft.

Input Addition

Input Value in Cubic Meters


Cubic Feet

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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Systems Approach in Civil Engineering | BE Civil Elective Subject [PREP SUPPORT]

Systems approach is an easy subject and provides a great load of experience especially if you a person who is involved in coding and software related parts. For me personally, I was reluctant and had selected Advance Concrete Technology as an elective subject, on the recommendation of teachers and having reviewed the subject I decided to give it a shot.

This is subject is composed of a lot of math and techniques and it becomes really easy if you have learning aids,
Here are a few things that could help you while preparing for this subject.

This Video provides information on Unit 4 that includes Dynamic programming. 

This is a playlist comprising of Concepts from Unit 5 & 6
Typically the Transportation model, Allocation and etcetera 

This was about the videos and most commonly the last unit requires a bit of practice. I used the books that were about Operation Research but If you want to study about the syllabus of SPPU only then I would recommend Nirali, there are a few mistakes in the book but overall the author has covered the entire syllabus excluding the solutions on Golden section rule.

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