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Saturday, 9 December 2017

Conversion Factors | Web-app for Converting Cubic Meters to Brass

   Use the module below to convert the values from cubic meter to brass. It is specifically designed to convert the Cubic Meter value into its corresponding value in Brass. Brass is the commonly used unit by material suppliers on construction sites. The materials such as Aggregate, Sand, Earth-muck (used for backfill), etc. are all measured and billed considering brass as a unit.

1 Brass = 100 Cubic ft.

Input Addition

Input Value in Cubic Meters


Cubic Feet

I coded the above program myself check out the code below and follow me on Github

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1 comment:

  1. A conversion factor is simply a number, often expressed as a ratio of two numbers, that allows you to convert one unit to another. In this case you want to convert miles to feet.

    Susie swam 122 miles. Since there are 5280 feet in one mile, the conversion factor is 5280. Susie swam 122*5280, or 644160 feet.

    It is often better to express a conversion factor as a ratio to make sure that you are applying it correctly. Just given a single number it may not be clear how it should be applied. In the problem above, for example, how did I know to multiply by 5280 instead of dividing by 5280?

    Writing the conversion factor as a ratio makes sure that your answer will come out right. When written as a ratio, the units are always carried along. Your problem would then be written as
    122 miles * 5280 feet / 1 mile = 644160 feet. i suggest you Unit Converter help to find accurate results.