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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Systems Approach in Civil Engineering | BE Civil Elective Subject [PREP SUPPORT]

Systems approach is an easy subject and provides a great load of experience especially if you a person who is involved in coding and software related parts. For me personally, I was reluctant and had selected Advance Concrete Technology as an elective subject, on the recommendation of teachers and having reviewed the subject I decided to give it a shot.

This is subject is composed of a lot of math and techniques and it becomes really easy if you have learning aids,
Here are a few things that could help you while preparing for this subject.

This Video provides information on Unit 4 that includes Dynamic programming. 

This is a playlist comprising of Concepts from Unit 5 & 6
Typically the Transportation model, Allocation and etcetera 

This was about the videos and most commonly the last unit requires a bit of practice. I used the books that were about Operation Research but If you want to study about the syllabus of SPPU only then I would recommend Nirali, there are a few mistakes in the book but overall the author has covered the entire syllabus excluding the solutions on Golden section rule.

Thanks for Reading...

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