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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Approximate Cost Estimation by using area and Previous cost of Construction | QSCT Web-app

Small tool to estimate an approximate cost of construction by analyzing the built-up area, cost of construction and the percentage rise of the construction costs.

Input Addition

Feed in details for Already Constructed Property

Modify the Values in the fields to suit your requirements
Built-up Area Sq. M
Cost of ConstructionRs.INR
Change in Rate of Construction%/Year
Years from ConstructionYears

Feed in details for New Property

Built-up Area Sq. M

New Rate of Construction Rs. INR/Sq.M
Approximate Cost of Construction Rs. INR

The above is the web-tool developed based on a numerical solution to estimate the cost of construction of a new project by comparing the cost of an existing project and the rise in the prices.

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