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Monday, 1 January 2018

Road Project Sheets | Quantity Survey for Road Works

Contour Project; Credits:
Survey! Until Now; only calculation of Levels and Preparation of sheets with some estimation of cutting and filling

But there's more than just preparation of sheets and calculations of volume of earthwork. Any construction project has one most important ritual, Budgeting. Money is an important parameter in any construction project and realizing the fact Quantity Surveying, Tendering and Contracts is a subject that provides the exposure and knowledge to students to learn this important skill.

Here are the files that I feel most students will need while preparing their termwork of QSCT which is the most important subject of the Final Year of Civil Engineering.

The AutoCAD Drawing

Preview: Top view that includes the bearing angles and the chain-ages that were considered while performing the road project.

Preview: Sections that includes the sections of all the chainage points, it was used to estimate the amount of cutting and filling required to attain the desired formation level

To Download the AutoCAD (.dwg) file Click the download button below

The above drawings were made after performing calculations from the data received from the field work. The data was analysed using spreadsheets click here to download the spreadsheet

It was a great experience to learn about survey on field and how to perform huge projects that require an entire day. 

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