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Monday, 12 February 2018

Calculating in Feets & Inches on Excel Spread Sheets | Inch Calc Add-in for Excel

Most site works are in FPS system of Units, i.e. feets and inches are preferred over their metric counterparts so it is extremely important to compute the values in the same format to avoid accumulation of errors. I use excel for a number of my tasks and one of the problems of excel is that it doesn't automatically accept feets and inches for computation purposes. But no problem is too big to be solved, such tasks can be solved by the use of macros that are capable of performing such tasks. A freely available excel add-in known as Inch Calc serves the purpose mentioned before.

You can Learn More About the tool on here

Once you've read all the instructions from the above link you can get started to work on feets and inches in excel. Use the commands but you'll have to divide the value by 12 to convert it into the feets if you need the values in feets, else by default it'll be in inches.

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-Sayyed Shadaab
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