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Sunday, 25 March 2018

Measurement & Abstract sheet for Load Bearing Structure | References for QSCT Termwork

This is just a sample, consider it to be an advise & not a correct solution!
We performed an estimation of quantities for the load bearing structure, a lot of work is still pending yet this post is being published on request from a number of classmates who'd wanted to have a sample to refer.

Following is a copy of The Measurement Sheet that we prepared for the load bearing structure.

After preparing the measurement sheet we compute the quantities and then prepare an abstract sheet with the specifications of the works to be done including the rates to prepare an estimate of expenses.

Following is the abstract sheet for load bearing structure

This is all done with reference to the guidlines of the Pune University Syllabus.

Please note that this is just for reference and not to be considered as the correct version of any abstract, still a lot of items are to be added to this sheet.

You can download the DSR that I referred by Clicking Here

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