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Saturday, 25 May 2019

Models explaining the concepts of Structural Engineering

I recently stumbled across this Youtube channel, "Engineering Models" that hosts videos demonstrating concepts of structural engineering and topics relevant to civil engineering. In most of the videos, the narrator uses models to demonstrate the concept and make it easier to explain. I feel that such types of models and methods of teaching concepts should be inculcated in all institutes. It's a remarkable contribution by the YouTube channel & University of Waterloo towards structural engineering community.

Here are a few videos from the channel. It was quite a brush up of concepts that I'd learned at college while I was an undergrad student. 

Shear in Beams Model

This video is my personal favorite as it simplifies the concepts and makes it easy to visualize the flow of shear forces.  The model is simple and the narration makes it a really good piece of literature. We used to draw shear force diagrams for different sections such as the I-beams, C-channels, the angle-sections & the T-sections, the model used in the video can actually help teachers to explain the concept in detail to students and it also is easy for the students to grasp & remember the concept of shear.

There are quite a few other models that you can see on their youtube channel, for mechanics I've included a playlist below:

Also, check out this website by Prof. G. Wayne Brodland, "BRODLAND COMMONS"
to learn about more such models and other resources.

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-Sayyed Shadaab
Engineer for the Digital Civilization

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