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People I wish to Thank

This blog may be a one-man operation, but its certainly impossible for me to accomplish too much on my own. Both this blog that you’re reading, as well as all of my own personal accomplishments, are the result of the help, inspiration, advice, and feedback I’ve received from all the amazing people I’m lucky enough to have relationships with.

Here I’ll attempt to enlist everyone who has been and continues to be a positive influence in my life (in no particular order). If you think you should be on this list but aren’t currently, please forgive my tragically limited cognitive ability to remember names. I’ll keep updating this page as time goes on, and you’re more than welcome to jog my memory for me.

To everyone on this list, thank you. You’re all amazing....

I express my Sincere Gratitude....

Shabbir Ahmed Patel and Ravi Choudhary for being the first person to collaborate and being the co-founders of this page, it would have seriously been impossible for me to start this and take it to a level we've reached now. 

Prof. Noornina Tarrannum, the tag-line that I proudly express " The Know-How Zone" came as a suggestion from Ma'am and gave meaning to this site-name which to many was a question.

Huzaif Sayed, commonly known as Cipher in the college and successful as a blogger and running his YouTube channel. Thanks for being a support and suggesting stuff that I could improve on my blog and YouTube Channel. Most importantly, I'd like to thank you for assisting me in getting a domain and turning this blog into a website.

Thomas Frank, one of my Gurus though we haven't met or had a conversation together, this was the only blog that kept me motivated and added into me a sense of being productive and manage my lifestyle as a college student. Much of this page is copied from his website and I express my apologies if in case I've offended any of your Terms!

Mohammad Faris, often known as Abu Productive AKA the founder and owner of Productive Muslim, a website or be more precise an ideology of incorporating religion with productivity. The tips and advice shared by Faris and his team are really practical.